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Testimonials: Testimonials
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My coaching sessions with Angela were undoubtedly the reason I received not one but two job offers in the highly competitive labor and delivery specialty,

including an offer at my top choice hospital.  

During our sessions my entire perspective on this process changed.  Not only did Angela provide invaluable insight on the nurse managers perspective, she also helped me boost my own confidence and poise

during the interviewing process.  I felt so much more prepared and comfortable after learning with her and I sailed through my interviews and into my dream job.  

I genuinely believe that every nursing student

would benefit from this experience.  

In nursing school we learn to prioritize and I'm so glad I chose to prioritize these sessions.   11/10 stars!



Angela is intuitive, open, and supportive. She has an incredibly calming presence that allows you to trust her right off the bat. She has a wealth of experience in working with nurses in particular, as she is an incredibly experienced nurse herself who has done a variety of things in healthcare including years of bedside nursing, education, administrative work, mentoring and leadership type positions. She uses her intuitive leadership abilities as well as her years of practice truly caring for people of all walks of life as a bedside nurse. Angela has a gift in listening to her clients and in turn creating customized solutions, exercises, affirmations and goals. Angela is positive, uplifting, and gentle, but also not afraid to get down to it and help you do the work that needs to be done in order to live the life you’ve imagined. Thank you Angela!!

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It is hard to put into words exactly how much Angela helped me throughout the process of applying for new grad nursing jobs, preparing me for potential interview questions, and giving me excellent strategies to deal with the stress and anxiety that came along with the process of trying to get a job in the competitive specialty I desired. The reality of the situation is that she did all of that because I went into my dream job interview feeling prepared and confident, which is not how I felt prior to our sessions. Through the work we did in the sessions, it felt like I was able to see these interviews in a different light. I was able to see that the interview was not something to be feared, but rather an opportunity to show the hiring committee who I was, and Angela did an amazing job at helping me see it from that perspective. The insight Angela has on this entire process is invaluable to someone like me and I am extremely grateful I got the chance to be a part of her sessions. I will be starting off my journey as an RN in the exact spot I wanted, and I have no doubts that Angela was a large factor in helping me get there!



I began working with Angela during a big transition in my life.  She has really helped me untangle the mess my life was.  She pushed me out of my comfort zone, centered my anxieties, and helped me create a structured plan for what I want in life.  Her calming personality and support made me immediately comfortable sharing my deepest insecurities, which in turn pushed me to face issues I've been ignoring from my past. She encouraged my self confidence and provided tools to help me move forward.  Angela is a talented life coach and I would highly recommend her services to anyone!



Angela was truly meant to be a life coach! She possesses that essential balance of being caring and compassionate, yet doesn't hold back from being straightforward and honest.  I tend to be very indecisive and often doubt myself, but Angela has helped me to reach deep down and navigate through my feelings and emotions to come to some eye-opening conclusions and figure out answers to problems I've been avoiding/struggling to face on my own.  Whether you're at a difficult fork in the road, or simply seeking some mental/emotional clarity regarding your current path, I can't recommend Angela enough, as someone to hold your hand and work through it with you.  She really is the best!

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Angela is amazing at what she does, I highly recommend her services!  The coaching session I had with her was very life changing for me. I got to learn more about myself and how I need to believe in myself more. Prior to meeting with Angela, I had reviewed and tried practicing for interviews on my own, but still felt unsure of myself and how I answered questions. It wasn’t until after meeting with Angela and going over interview questions with her that I began to gain confidence in myself and in my answers. Angela changed how I looked at the questions being asked. I really began to understand and see it in a different light, this in turn made how I answered the question to be more organized and stronger answers. I tend to ramble, so working with Angela really helped organize my thoughts and helped to calm my nerves. Overall, this was a positive experience that I will take with me moving forward!



My time with Angela began at a time in which I was struggling deep within myself. At the beginning of each session I would question if I could quiet my racing, anxious mind. But I quickly found her calming voice and presence helped me to center my thoughts and direct my intentions to a space where I can organize them and create attainable goals. I am so grateful for the peaceful place this success has brought to my daily routine



Angela was meant to be a life coach. She knows how to support and guide you in navigating life's challengaes but will also cut through the BS to the heart of what you are trying to say, and is happy to provide some blunt perspective. I cannot recommend her enough. I connected with her and over the past 6 months she has helped me navigate deciding on a nursing specialty, do extensive interview prep, build my self esteem and encouraged better life habits (mantras, meditations, morning routines, etc) to nurture success-- not just in the workplace, but beyond. She is  someone I consider lucky to have in my life and will continue to seek her guidance, both as a nurse and a woman. Do not hesitate to add her to your team

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When I first connected with Angela, I was a nursing student graduating in a few months. I had what felt like a million questions about new grad programs near Seattle, WA and Angela was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We spent nearly 1 1/2 hours speaking over the phone and I feel so comfortable talking with her. She also went over some interview questions with me (along with some great tips), and was able to help clear up some confusion about transferring a CA RN license. She has been a great mentor and support system thus so far! 

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Angela helped me refine my resume and cover letter and coached me on the top 5 questions interviewers ask and how to be prepared for any question. She helped me see the interview in a less scary light and I was able to remain calm and show my best self. I was offered jobs in both post-partum and NICU and with her guidance was able to determine the best fit for me. I'm looking forward to continuing with mentoring as I start my new career as a NURSE!   



Angela can help you with reaching your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. She helps you clear the cobwebs and see things as they are without judgment and her guidance keeps you on track.


Angela can help you with reaching your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. She helps you clear the cobwebs and see things as they are without judgment and her guidance keeps you on track.

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