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Labor is labor, whether it leads to the birth of a baby,

or the birth of a dream,

we all need someone to support us along the way.

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As a Labor and Delivery nurse I've spent the last 3 decades coaching women through the labor and birth of babies.  Now, as a Certified Life Coach, I help people through a different kind of labor. 

The labors of LIFE. 

The personal, professional, and relationship. challenges we face everyday. 

 Through individual and group coaching programs, 

I can help you understand and manage those labors with clarity and confidence,

so you can give birth to the best version of your true self. 

As a Healthcare Professional, I understand the unique challenges we face with our work

and how that affects our home life as well.  

As an Healthcare Career Strategy Coach, I help new nurses land their dream job and

provide tools and support needed to succeed!

As a successful business owner, I support new entrepreneurs and provide action steps and accountability.

And as an athlete who has overcome severe chronic pain (and helped others do it too!) I teach my clients how to tap into their own healing potential.

Change isn't easy, especially on your own.   If you have something in your life you want to start, develop, enhance, overcome, or change, I can help. 

Through the co-creative process, we will identify where you are and clearly envision where you want to go.  You'll gain insight into what's stopping you from getting there and learn tools and strategies to stay on track.  I will hold you accountable to your commitments until you get there, and help you build habits to make lasting change.
Wanna know a little secret?

You already know all the answers. They just might be buried under a pile of stress and overwhelm. Together we can pull back the layers and uncover the real you that has been waiting to emerge.


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